Custom Bathrooms

Custom Bathrooms Cover Image

Bathrooms are the number one place that challenges both our aging and our special needs communities. The good news is that NJ Home Modification Services can modify your bathroom in many meaningful ways. There are so many options to choose from – all designed to not only help make your bathroom safer, but actually work for you and keep you as independent as possible.

Safety and convenience starts from the moment you enter your bathroom. We can widen your doorway to help you gain access to the facilities inside, or install a higher toilet that’s easier for you to get on and get off of. We can even switch out your tub for a low curb or zero barrier shower stall. For some, the creation of a custom bathing area where you can safely bathe as well as shower is the perfect solution. Let us custom design and build something special for you!

From the addition of grab bars wherever you need safety and security to complete remodels, we can evaluate, find and create the right solutions for you. From the addition of a few strategically-placed, low-cost grab bars to a ceiling lift integrated seamlessly into the design of the bathroom, our clients and family members are empowered to live their best life.