Custom Kitchens

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Kitchens are where we sustain our lives, but for someone with special needs, it can be a place of frustration.

If you are in a wheelchair a "standard" kitchen can create many challenges. The aisles are too narrow to allow for wheelchair access, and a wheelchair occupant can’t reach the sink because a standard cabinet prevents the wheelchair from fitting underneath the sink. Upper cabinets installed at a standard height are beyond the reach of wheelchair occupants.

All of these challenges have solutions that we can help you with. We can change the cabinet orientation to accommodate a wheelchair by lowering the sink and adding a decorative panel underneath instead of a cabinet to create space for the wheelchair. We can put your upper cabinets on extendable arms or install cabinet shelves that have the ability to extend down to a wheelchair level.

The working triangle in every kitchen (refrigerator to sink to stove) is very important to its efficient use but it’s even more important if you have physical limitations. NJ Home Modification Services specializes in making your kitchen work with your challenges.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your kitchen and the modifications that ARE possible to make that room a source of greater enjoyment.