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Payment Options
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Payment Options

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There are different types of insurance that may pay for home modifications. If you are an older adult and have Long term Care Insurance, they usually have a home modification benefit in the policy. Sometimes people only think of their Long Term Care Insurance for care options and Assisted living. There are always certain rules and qualifications you must meet to access this benefit. Let the Professionals at NJ Home Modification Services evaluate and help you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to for home modification benefits under your Long Term Care insurance policy.

Special Needs Situations:

If you have become special needs as a result of an accident or work related accident, you may have an insurance benefit through one of the many insurance sources related to your incident (i.e. Workers Compensation, Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance, etc. )

There are also certain grants and organizations that may be able to help individuals depending on what your specific conditions are.


If you don’t have the right insurances that will help pay for your home modifications and want to stay in your home, we can assist you in obtaining financing.

Let's assume you have significant modifications that are needed to make it safe for you to live home. And those modifications are going to cost $30,000. If those modifications are going to be paid over a six year term, you will be able to stay in your home for ~$500 a month. (based on credit)

When you weigh the costs of moving into a Senior or special needs facility compared to just modifying your home, this option certainly sheds new light on staying home. Financing can help you make the updates you need to be safe in your home and do so in an affordable way. Contact NJ Home Modifications to discuss if financing is right for you.